About Voices In the Wood

Q: What happens when you combine a bunch of fun, multi-talented bassoonists and a very brave harpist plus an adventurous fiddle player in a world-class studio with an amazing sound engineer in the middle of the North Carolina mountains in January?

A: Results: a lot of laughing, buckets of coffee consumed, great food enjoyed together, a “No F$%&s Given” attitude, and the birth of a brand new ensemble and album!

Combining decades of musical experience across multiple genres, Voices In the Wood is a collective ensemble that seeks to promote the enjoyment of musical collaboration (done a little differently!) to audiences and performers alike.

Our Story

Voices In the Wood began at the 2021 session of the Glickman-Popkin Bassoon Camp with an invitation from Sasha Enegren to Amber Ferenz: “Would you like to come to MTSU in January of 2022 and work with my students?” Subsequent planning resulted in a project to perform Amber’s entire catalog over the course of about five days, with solo and collaborative performances given by Amber, Sasha, Sasha’s students, and GPBC friends Kathleen Moniaci, Staci Spring, and Rosalind Buda (who all graciously said yes!).

In addition to the concert performances, the project events included masterclasses, lessons and coachings, recording sessions, a Double Reed Day, bassoon ensemble, Sasha’s faculty recital, and even a bassoon repair class given by Kathleen! We all had a marvelous time playing together, and at the end of the event we found ourselves wondering how we could meet up annually between sessions of GPBC. Sasha proposed that we get together in January 2023 for some “Bluegrass Bassoon” in a studio, and so the seeds of “New Paths in Old Woods,” Voices In the Wood’s first album, were sown.

We continue to grow by adding our newest member, Patty Fagan-Miller, and inviting guests to join us on our musical journey, and we’re already in the planning stages for our next exciting recording project!

Our People